Menya Ramen House

This small ramen house is tucked away on Museum street, just around the corner form the British Museum in Bloomsbury. Its unique offering is ramen with a fiery Korean twist. Additionally here you can choose both the texture of your noodle and the spice of your ramen broth. I chose their signature ramen, the seafood. Unfortunately they had no crab that day, but they promised to give me extra seafood to make up for that. I went for the medium hard noodles with their normal spice broth. It wasn’t the prettiest bowl of ramen, most of the seafood had sunk below the broth, but it made up for it in taste. They boil the broth here for 48 hours and that definitely showed as the broth was excellent. The seafood was nice but I think the crab would have really added to the overall flavour and because it was sat in the hot broth had slightly overcooked. I enjoyed it, but I think next time I’d go for the classic tonkotsu ramen with the chau shu pork, as the seafood ramen was pricey and the best bit of the dish was definitely the broth rather than the expensive seafood.