Bone Daddies

A New York inspired ramen shop, of all the London ramen restaurants this is probably the coolest/ trendiest. This is also not my first visit and like Tonkotsu this is now a chain of ramen shops all over London. Today to mix it up a bit I had the yuzu tonkotsu. A twist on the original by adding citrusy yuzu juice to the classic pork broth. It was interesting, but for me not as good as the original classic tonkotsu. Bone Daddies ramen is good, the meat and all the accompaniment are all great, but for me the broth is a little lacking and sadly just not quite as good as the broth at my favourite Tonkotsu. So given the choice I’d always choose them over Bone Daddies. However maybe if you’re going out for dinner with friends and wanted a bit more of a lively venue this is a good choice, and although not my favourite ramen spot it’s definitely up there. As well as Bone Daddies the restaurant group behind it also has the equally excellent Flesh and Buns of which I’m also a big fan.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is another book I read as a teenager while at school. When it was first adapted for the stage at the National I was really keen to see it, particularly after it got such rave reviews. However I just never seemed to get round to it. It transferred to the West End, opened on Broadway, went on a nationwide tour and yet still I never got round to seeing it. Anyway finally I saw that it was about to close and thought I really should get my arse in gear and see it. So I booked tickets with my friend Rup to see it. I’d vaguely remembered most of the basic story of the play, but there was still some nice surprises in the play of things that I’d forgotten, including who crucially who killed the dog. The play was beautifully staged and I enjoyed it. Really glad that I finally got to see it. Make sure you stay for the end where they explain the maths problem.