Six by Nico

Six by Nico was founded in 2017 by Glasgow chef Nico Simeone. He now has severn ‘Six by Nico’ restaurants all across the UK. The idea is that it is a fine dining experience, but at a slightly more affordable price point. The menu/ theme changes every 6 weeks, so you can have a completely different food experience the next time you visit. We went to the Canary Wharf branch. The theme when we went was ‘The Chippie’ which had a traditional British chip shop inspired menu, I have attached a full copy of the menu below:

We went for the added option of a cocktail and canapés to start, as well as the matching wine flight with the meal. The food was of mixed quality, some of the dishes were great, others definitely less so, our favourites were the ‘Scampi’ – a monkfish cheek, dill emulsion, gribiche and Beurre Blanc and also the pudding ‘Deep fried Mars bar’ – a chocolate opera cake, Iru Bru sorbet and chocolate soil.

However the service was utterly chaotic. All the wait staff were unfailing lovely, but they clearly didn’t know what they were doing. I don’t blame them for this as they were all polite, but they’d obviously had little to no training and knew literally nothing about the menu or the wine. It was sort of hilariously bad, but I felt sorry for them being thrown in at the deep end with no training, really not fair on them.

I did enjoy my experience at Six by Nico, all the staff were at least friendly and some of the food genuinely very good, but I wouldn’t rush back. The bill with everything came to around £90 a head. Not insubstantial, but not crazy expensive for the quality of the food/ wine we were served. This is very much fine dining for the instagram/ Gen Z generation and if the trained their wait staff a bit better and were more consistent with the food offering I think they could be on to something, but at the moment it’s a bit too rough round the edges for me.