IPL @ Harley Street Skin Clinic

Over the past few years I’ve began to notice a bit of pigmentation on my face, particularly around the tops of my cheeks. Almost certainly a combination of too much sun exposure and not enough SPF on my part. That and sadly well general aging. Topical retinol and Vitamin C can help, but if you really want to treat pigmentation hard you need to go down the laser/ light route. Intense pulsed light or IPL for short is probably the most popular and one of the least expensive of those treatments on offer.

I went to the Harley Street Skin Clinic for my IPL treatments. I actually first went for a consultation there with the lovely Lesley pre-lockdown, but because summer was coming up we decided to wait til the winter when I knew I wasn’t going away and I’d be well away from any potential sun exposure. Then of course Covid hit and everything shut down. Some two years later I returned and started my treatment. I did three sessions of IPL spaced a month apart. Before and after the treatments I did a VISIA skin analysis so I could accurately gauge how effective my treatment was. I’ve included the pictures below.

As you can see there was a slight improvement in the before and after photos. Weirdly one of the things I particularly noticed was my pores appeared smaller. IPL stimulates colleagues production so this is a known benefit, but one I wasn’t expecting. Pigmentation wise there was definitely an improvement, but it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I was hoping. An important lesson to learn there, prevention is easier than cure. You should always be wearing a high factor SPF every day, yes even during winter. I think next time I will have to try a stronger pigmentation busting laser to deal with things as although the IPL definitely helped, the improvements were subtle and not quite as dramatic as I was hoping.



Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry launched in the UK exclusively at Liberty department store last year. Founded in California five years earlier by facialist Yen Reis, their signature Laser and Light facial is a express 15 minute treatment that combines a light Nd:YAG laser followed by a gentle dose of intense pulsed light. They offer a free trial treatment to everyone and so after reading some positive reviews I decided to head in and give it a go.

Located in a bijou space hidden away at the back of the second floor of the department store, the concession has a bright, laid back Californian vibe in keeping with the brand ethos. After cleansing my skin of all products on it, I was lead into a treatment room and lay down ready for the treatment. You have to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the laser/ IPL and after explaining a little about the treatment, it started.

Often the sensation of IPL and laser treatment is described as like having a rubber band flicked on the skin and this was similar, but definitely gentler. Overall very tolerable pain wise. They was also a faint whiff of burning which they claim is the laser vaporising the dirt and debris in your pores. However I think it was more likely the laser burning the minute peach fuzz hairs on my face.

Because the laser and IPL used were so low strength I wasn’t really expecting to see much of a difference, however afterwards my skin definitely looked a bit clearer and brighter, nothing dramatic but definitely an improvement. They claim with continued regular treatments the cumulative effects would yield a bigger improvement. That of course is the main concept that like laundry you do it regularly. There is no downtime and you book a course of treatments and come every few weeks for a session.