For my birthday this year some of my lovely friends took me to Rogues for dinner. A recommendation from my friend Rup who had seen it recommended on Instagram. We had drinks at the Queen Adelaide across the road, with my friends also gifting me tickets to see James Norton in the new hit play ‘A little life’. We then heading over the road for dinner.

As it was a special occasion and because it was almost impossible to choose from such an intriguing and interesting looking menu we all went for the tasting menu. I’ve attached a picture of the full menu below and all the dishes with an asterisk next to them are part of the tasting menu. We started with a potato & thyme sourdough with Bovril butter and pickled walnuts. Not usually a fan of Bovril, but this really worked, a beautiful salty umami hit. Then on to the bites/starters section of the menu, the standout here was the rabbit Bolognese with pearl barley and Isle of Mull cheddar. So full of flavour from the gamey rabbit, the best bolognese I’ve ever tasted, I wish I could create a bolognese even half as good as this at home.

Then on to the large plates/ mains. The exceptional dishes here were the roasted cod collar with katsu curry sauce and grilled gem lettuce. A really unusual, but tasty part of the fish. Then a pork chop with one of the best romesco sauces I’ve ever tasted. I genuinely wanted to lick the plate to mop up every last morsel. Outstanding.

At the end of the meal after a pudding of carrot cake with miso caramel and custard, they bought out some beautiful madeleines, (still warm from the oven) and a lovely bespoke birthday card that all the staff had signed for me. It was a lovey touch and one I’d not had before at a restaurant. Usually restaurants just shove a candle in the pudding or if you’re lucky write your name in chocolate on a plate.

Particularly shout out to the lovely girl who served us all night, she was excellent and made the already beautiful dinner even better with her fabulous service. She was even kind enough to laugh at my friend Simon’s terrible Dad jokes, surely a sign of good service if ever there was one.

The meal came in around £100 each per head, which might sound like quite a lot, but for the quality of the food and drink we thought excellent value for money and you certainly would struggle to find anything of a similar quality for that price anywhere in central London. I can’t wait to go back.