Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik was the final stop on my Croatian adventure and one I was really looking forward to. The ferry from Hvar took me to the port which is on the outskirts of the city, from where I caught a bus into the centre quite quickly. The centre of the city is surrounded by beautiful medieval walls that overlook the sea. It really is stunning. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones you almost certainly recognise it as the location of King’s Landing. Though quite a lot is altered or added with CGI in the TV show including the Red Keep (which is actually a castle in Spain). If you are a Game of Thrones like me it’s worth doing one of the guided walking tours on offer that show you all the GoT sites used during the show. Our tour was even given by a local girl who actually played Darnery’s body double in the series.

While in Dubrovnik the already extreme heat got even hotter. It was literally almost impossible to go out during the middle of the day. One morning I walked to get breakfast at a local bakery and was so drenched in sweat by the time I got there and back I almost needed to shower again. To escape the heat I got a shuttle boat in the harbour over to Lokrum, a small island just off the coast. I’d read there was a gay beach there and was keen to check it out. It’s not the easiest to find, as you leave the landing point on the island bear directly left and head along the rocks following the signs for FKK, after a while you will see signs warning you of a nudist area. Continue through the nudist area and right at the end is the gay section. The route is very rocky underfoot, so I’d really recommend proper shoes. I wore flip flops and really bashed and cut my feet up. Also on the island is a small saltwater lake known as the Dead Sea, on account of the fact that like the famous sea you can float unaided in it because of the extremely high salt content. The island main centre is a medieval Benedictine monastery, which now houses a small restaurant and a museum about the history of Dubrovnik.

In the evening after coming back from Lokrum I met a lovely Italian boy who it turned out actually lived in London as well like me and was also on holiday. We went for dinner and afterwards to a amazing bar right on the walls overlooking the ocean called Bard. It’s pretty hard to find and we got a bit lost down the narrow backstreets, but the sunset from there was amazing as you can see from the photo below. After quite a lot more drinks we ended up at a nightclub called Revelin, a vast vaulted chamber of spaces housed within the city’s former fort.