IPL @ Harley Street Skin Clinic

Over the past few years I’ve began to notice a bit of pigmentation on my face, particularly around the tops of my cheeks. Almost certainly a combination of too much sun exposure and not enough SPF on my part. That and sadly well general aging. Topical retinol and Vitamin C can help, but if you really want to treat pigmentation hard you need to go down the laser/ light route. Intense pulsed light or IPL for short is probably the most popular and one of the least expensive of those treatments on offer.

I went to the Harley Street Skin Clinic for my IPL treatments. I actually first went for a consultation there with the lovely Lesley pre-lockdown, but because summer was coming up we decided to wait til the winter when I knew I wasn’t going away and I’d be well away from any potential sun exposure. Then of course Covid hit and everything shut down. Some two years later I returned and started my treatment. I did three sessions of IPL spaced a month apart. Before and after the treatments I did a VISIA skin analysis so I could accurately gauge how effective my treatment was. I’ve included the pictures below.

As you can see there was a slight improvement in the before and after photos. Weirdly one of the things I particularly noticed was my pores appeared smaller. IPL stimulates colleagues production so this is a known benefit, but one I wasn’t expecting. Pigmentation wise there was definitely an improvement, but it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I was hoping. An important lesson to learn there, prevention is easier than cure. You should always be wearing a high factor SPF every day, yes even during winter. I think next time I will have to try a stronger pigmentation busting laser to deal with things as although the IPL definitely helped, the improvements were subtle and not quite as dramatic as I was hoping.