Watching the tennis at Wimbledon

Every year I apply for Wimbledon tickets in the public ballot and without fail I don’t get anything. Anyway this year finally for the first time in ages I got lucky. Not bad tickets either, second week so generally better players who have made it further in the competition. Court number one, not centre court admittedly, but still the chance to see some big matches. Good seats as well, roughly in the middle so a decent view of all the action.

My sister is a big tennis fan and a former county number one player so I invited her along with me. We had a lovely day, saw some brilliant matches and some well known players in action, including Djokovic and the Williams sisters. We had an early lunch and arrived at the ground just after midday. You’re allowed to bring one bottle of alcohol into the grounds with you, so we bought a bottle of champagne with us which we enjoyed while watching the first match. Late afternoon we went for a traditional cream tea and then later on we had a cheeky Pimms. Thankfully the weather held out for us and we had a lovely sunny day for it, not even a hint of rain. Wimbledon always has such a lovely jovial atmosphere and we really had a pleasant day, I do so enjoying going when I’m finally successful in the ballot.


Kobox x Attitude Magazine x Rainbow Railroad

As part of this year’s upcoming Pride celebrations I was invited by Attitude Magazine to a special group boxing session at Kobox Boxing Club in the City of London with Kobox trainer and former Britain’s Got Talent winner, Doug Fordyce. The class was in aid of Rainbow Railroad, a charity formed in Canada which provides safety to LGBTQ+ people who are living in fear for their freedom and lives, particularly from state sponsored violence. This special class was part of the launch of Rainbow Railroad within in the UK. Kobox has partnered with the charity to rasie awareness and funds for their cause. In additional to the donation from Kobox, Doug will also personally be donating all his Kobox class payments through the week of Pride in London directly to the charity.