Temper Soho

I’d be wanting to try Temper for a while after hearing great reviews. The head chef, Neil Rankin, actually lives in my apartment building and used to host a supper clubs in his flat, though annoyingly I only found this out after he stopped doing them. So sadly I will never get to go, but I do have the option of going for dinner at one of his restaurants. Temper specialises in meat cooked over open pit fires. In the middle of this restaurant they have an open kitchen where you can sit and watch the chefs prepare, butcher and cook your food over fire right in front of you. It’s mainly sharing dishes, so we ordered 4 dishes between the two of us. We had one of their signature dishes, the cheeseburger tacos, which did indeed taste like a cheese burger. We also had a lovely crab and apple dish, which was really fresh and vibrant. The chef in front of us at the bar was grilling this amazing hunk of meat, we asked him what it was pork shoulder and he very kindly offered to carve us off a couple of slices. It was delicious. Fantastic meal, really recommend this place. My friend said it was the best restaurant he’d been to all year, which as endorsements go can’t get much better.

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